Wax Therapy

Wax Therapy is a form of deep heat therapy that includes warming of connective tissues by applying heat which results in improved joint mobility. Mainly treated for painful hands and feet, it is used in conjunction with gentle mobilizing techniques and customized exercise program to achieve great results. It is an ideal therapy that aids in pain relief and movement maintenance in arthritis as well as in treating stiff post-traumatic hands.
How does it work?
In wax therapy, molten paraffin wax is applied on the skin in gentle smoothing strokes, layer after layer so that it gets built up. The wax starts turning hard as it gets wrapped in plastic and placed inside electrically heated mitt. Once the treatment is over, the wax can be easily peeled off with no pain and then the area is ready for a massage, exercise, stretching, or any additional therapeutic measures if necessary.

Benefits of Interferential Therapy:
•             Painless, relaxing and pleasurable treatment
•             Soothes chronic joint pain and relaxes stiff muscles
•             Improves blood flow to the area where it is treated with wax
•             Absorbs and retains heat for a long time
•             Stimulates the circulation and helps in easing out the pain.
•             Can be treated on any muscle and joint and also to the feet and hands.

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