There are a number of methods of pain reduction available to those suffering from an injury.

Each method differs from one another when it comes to which one is best suited to a specific type of injury, one common theme of electrotherapy is their use of an energy increase to help with pain reduction and the healing process.

The type of energy used varies from electric, to light, magnetic, sonic and heat, depending on the specific method being used.

The following are the most common electrotherapy modalities used, as methods to reduce pain and inflammation while the injury is being healed.

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                                                             Traction Therapy

Laser Therapy

                                                             Ultrasonic Therapy

ultrasound physiotherapy jamnagar om

Wax Therapy

                                                   Transcutaneus Nerve Stimulation

                                                          Infra red Therapy

                                                          Inter Ferential Therapy

                                                             Short Wave Diathermy

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