About Om Physiotherapy Centre Jamnagar


Om PhysioTherapy Center Health Care since JANUARY, 2011.. in Jamnagar. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified multispecialty Physio Therapy Clinic with All its necessary Standards followed by International Quality, Modern technology and Higenic Clinical Treatment.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Dental care And Physiotherapy center

Center for Quality Physiotherapy treatment since 2011


We are happy to announce that ...we expanding our physiotherapy centre at 4 th floor in a same premises from 01/08/2021...so now we have working on 1 st and 4 th floor , at shreeji plaza, valkeshwari, jamnagar. and we introduce pilates reformer workout 1 st time in jamnagar and saurastra area. 


We offer our patients world–class facilities. 

Our  physiotherapy services include physiotherapy  treatment of all types of pain like:

Back pain, Knee pain, Neck pain, Hip pain, Shoulder pain , Ankle pain , Heel pain , Physiotherapy after joint replacements, Ligament injury, Fractures, Arthritis, Frozen shoulder, Sports injury, Low back pain, Peadriatric conditions, pregnancy exercises, Pelvic floor conditions, TMJ disfunction, Sciatica, Headache, Tennis elbow.

Dr. Poonam Dhamsaniya  believe it is very important for every pregnant women to stay healthy throught her pregnancy. 
We have special exercise plan for pregnant ladies to make her pregnancy easy and encourage for normal delivery…
We  have also post natal exercise plan for loss bellies  after delivery. For more detail : pregnancy exercises.

Om physiotherapy centre provides physiotherapy treatment services at home in Jamnagar. 
Weight loss physiotherapy in jamnagar is now available at om clinic. Pilates Reformer Workout gives best results in  body weight loss. 

Our facility is designed to provide physical care in a safe and secure environment. We’ll not allow quality to take second place behind cost or schedule.

Consultation and Procedures

Consultations and procedures are provided on a by appointment basis to allow us to work exclusively with you, our valued patient.

Technology available at our physiotherapy clinic

Laser Therapy
Ultrasound Therapy
Spinal Traction Therapy
Inter Ferantial Therapy ( I.F.T)
Shortwave Diathermy (S.W.D)
Transcutaneus Electrical Stimulation (T.E.N.S )
Wax Therapy
Contenuou Passive Movement Therapy (C.P.M )
Infra Red Rays (I.R.R )
Traction Therapy
Pilates Reformer Workout


We (OM DENTAL CARE AND PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRE) have a Dental Department also..  Dr. Bharat Dhamsaniya is managing director of om dental clinic and a professional force behind it. He takes pride in helping you achieve your dream smile by giving humble and painless treatment to his clients.
we are expanding our dental department in near future....

Our Treatments

Pregnancy Exercise

What is Antenatal Exercise? Exercises that are done in pregnancy phase of woman to Prevent Low Back Pain and enhancing Physical and Ps...